New Beginnings

When I was in third grade, for an assignment we had to write a short story inspired by the ‘Flat Stanley’ book series. My story was picked the best in my grade level and I was invited to a special event. My family and I were told to wear dress clothes, and that we did. Hors d’oeuvres were served and children’s work was posted everywhere. I was honored and awarded along with many other children that night. That was probably one of my most proud moments as a child.


From that day forward I told myself I would be a librarian when I grew up. I loved to read just as much as I loved to write. My dad would bring my mother, sister, brother, and I to his basketball games every Sunday as a child. Every week, without fail, I would bring the book I was reading at the time and bury my head in the pages as I heard the squeaking noises of sneakers and the basketball dribbling back and forth down the court.


Unfortunately, my love for reading and writing was put to the side due to the up rise of technology. Soon, my books were replaced with a GameBoy. My pen and paper replaced with a laptop. But, many years later, my goal is to fall in love with reading and writing again.


I was gifted a journal the year I graduated. The first page reads, “January 10, 2017: I really want to fill this book with scriptures, quotes, and thoughts. All of which that will help me to become a better version of myself each and everyday. I want to always be willing to improve and become even more wise.” I didn’t write my first entry until August 7, 2018 but ever since then, I have been inspired to fill the pages front to back with my thoughts and things I have learned.


I hope that this blog can be another positive outlet in which I can express myself. I am excited for all that is to come. I hope you stick around to find out ♡.



  1. Blessings toward your new and exciting journey! I love when I get all excited to journal. I always feel better when I do. It’s really amazing to blog and share the journey and Gods love with others too! Best wishes, nice to virtually meet you!

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